Issue related to vTaskDelete of freeRTOS

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Issue related to vTaskDelete of freeRTOS

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In our appliction i have created a task taskResponseToMaster() that has to be executed only at certain event in the code. So at that event I have created the task (as it is not a periodic task, i have not used for loop). so at the end of the task i am deleting the task using vTaskDelete(NULL). At that instance it's not yielding the processor and going into PE_DEBUGHAULT();


I am attaching the code to this post, the task I have said is at line number 545 of ./lib/slave.c and the task create statement is at line number 97 of ./lib/slave.c.




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Durgesh,

As your project is not complete, I cannot run it. But I see that you are using NULL as parameter to vTaskDelete(), so this does not match what you are saying in report above?


You are creating tasks in slave.c in several places using a *local* variable names taskHandle, which is very problematic.

Can you set a breakpoint on above line of vTaskDelete() in the debugger and check if taskHandle is indeed NULL?

And I would use NULL just to make sure that you are not accidentially deleting a different task, as you are using a global task handle variable:


And actually this is your problem (I think), because on line 319 (function readInputStatusHandler()) you are setting that handle for Task3:


So in essence, in taskResponseToMaster() you are not deleting yourself, you are deleting Task3.

And no wonder that taskResponseToMaster() will crash as it has not been deleted.

I hope this helps,


NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Durgesh Tanuku:

I think you are using Processor Expert, right?

The execution can enter in the PE_DEBUGHALT() because of many different reasons. The next tutorials by colleague Erich Styger can help you to analyze your code and find what is causing this issue:

Oh my! An Interrupt… | MCU on Eclipse

Debugging Hard Faults on ARM Cortex-M | MCU on Eclipse

A Processor Expert Component to Help with Hard Faults | MCU on Eclipse

Jorge Gonzalez

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