Hardware failure after operations with FRDM-64F program memory flash

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Hardware failure after operations with FRDM-64F program memory flash

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I am performing read and write operations in the flash of my FRDM-64F. Using the fsl_flash KSDK 1.2.

I created the memory areas:


In execution of the erase flash operation. The FRDM-64F does not work anymore. Lost communication and does not accept the writing of new hardware:


The RESET LED is slightly access (apparently oscillating) and when you press the reset button it lights normally:

2015-12-11 18.03.12.jpg

2015-12-11 18.03.59.jpg

The event happened during debbug program in this passage:

result = flash_app_EraseSector (flash_app_destAdrss(1,&flash1_InitConfigAlarme),1,&flash1_InitConfigAlarme);

The function is:

uint32_t flash_app_EraseSector (uint32_t destAdrss, unsigned char qtdeSetor, FLASH_SSD_CONFIG *FlashBlk){

uint32_t result;

if(!qtdeSetor) qtdeSetor = 1; // Se for 0 ou não existir, assume 1.


//result = FlashEraseSector(&flash1_InitConfig0, destAdrss, qtdeSetor * FTFx_PSECTOR_SIZE, g_FlashLaunchCommand);

result = FlashEraseSector(FlashBlk, destAdrss, qtdeSetor * FTFx_PSECTOR_SIZE, g_FlashLaunchCommand);


return result;


What happened?

How to get back to normal?

Thank you and I hope me someone help me.

Juandres M. Lazaro

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Juandres M. Lazaro ,

Now please test one simple project , check whether it can debug well .

If it also not not download and debug , please update the bootloader of your board refer to the

"FRDM-K64F Freedom Development Platform -Quick Start Guide.pdf" .

I see you use the OpenOCD debug mode,  you need drag and past  the drive again to the bootloader;

or you can also use the segger jlink debug mode , you need  drag and past the "JLink_OpenSDA_V2.bin" to the bootloader .

Hope it helps

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Have a great day,
Alice Yang

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I don't know what went wrong bt it is possible to leave the chip in a state where it resets when the debugger is trying to take command of it which results in difficulties.

Usually this can be solved by configuring the debugger to immediately erase the chip on connect. In the Flash configuration's Debugger setup selet the "Mass erase on connect" option:




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