Change Project MCU from MKE06Z128VLD4 to MKE06Z64VLD4

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Change Project MCU from MKE06Z128VLD4 to MKE06Z64VLD4

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I have a project working on the FRDM-MKE06Z. I then programmed my prototype board which was using a MKE06Z128VLD4 and worked just fine. 

I then realized that my project was using less than half of the 128k, so I tried installing a MKE06Z64VLD4 on the same prototype board, and it doesn't work. 

I then tried installing the MKE06Z64VLD4 , programming the chip is successful but the board no longer works. 
I then Downloaded and installed the MKE06Z specific SDK, an switching the MCU in MCUXpresso, but the project no longer compiles. 

Where am I going wrong in moving my project to the 64K from the 128k version of the chip?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello, Steven

After downloading the specific SDK for the replacement

MCU (MKE06Z64xxx4). I recommend you to create a new project selecting the KE06. Then make

sure that MKE06Z64xxx4 is highlighted. And finally, import your application files.


Please let me know if this is useful.

Have a great day,

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