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Someone has an example of how to use the CAN BUS in mk20dx256vll10?

Thank you

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Caio Carriel:

I would recommend you to download the KSDK platform: Software Development Kit for Kinetis MCUs|Freescale

Once installed you will find CAN examples. The examples are for the TWR-K60D100M, but you can create a new K20 project as indicated in the next document. Just select the K20 device in the New Project Wizard:

Writing my first KSDK1.2 Application in KDS3.0 - Hello World and Toggle LED with GPIO Interrupt

Then copy the source files and code from the CAN example.

Besides of KSDK, then depending on your software platform (CodeWarrior, KDS, IAR, with/without Processor Expert) there are some other examples available:

- In our webpage: K20_100 |Kinetis 20 100 MHz MCUs|Freescale  (Kinetis 100 MHz Rev 2 Example projects)

- Other posts by searching in this community:

CAN driver code example for Kinetis K60

CAN interface of K60/K40 controller using Processor Expert

CAN example coding for kinetis

CAN_LDD usage

Kinetis K60 CAN Configuration

Most examples are for K60_100 MHz, but the module is the same in your K20_100 MHz device, so you can copy the code in a new project, or for the Processor Expert projects you can copy the components to a new K20 project and replicate the source files, like next tutorials by colleague Erich Styger:

Copy of Processor Expert Components | MCU on Eclipse

Export and Import Processor Expert Component Settings | MCU on Eclipse


Jorge Gonzalez

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