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ADC Problem

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We were evaluating Freescale IC “MKM33Z128ACLH5” last from two months. But it is found that IC is not working as per expectation in its basic ADC functionality itself. For e.g. For 24 Bit ADC, it is not even showing 14 bit performance on the Freescale development board itself

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


The peak SNR performance of the Kinetis-M SD ADC is 92dB @ PGA gain=x1, Vp-p=1V and 3000sps. It is approx. 15 bit performance - which is also the real performance=expectation of the device.

If you intend to design power meter then this SD ADC will produce very accurate results - refer to pages 25-26 of the 1 phase power meter design:   

For other applications, in general, you could consider software averaging but this approach will result in reduction output sample rate in turn for getting additional bits of SNR.

Kind regards,

Martin M.

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