Using ring buffer with kinetis KEAZ128

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Using ring buffer with kinetis KEAZ128

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Some questions when using Kinetis KEAZ128.

I'm try to using ring buffer between two threads: the while loop in the main and the other in mscan's rx/tx interrupt. I'm searchine google for a while and no simple way to do a lock-free data transfer.

so my questions are:

1, if there's a way to implement lock-free ring buffer.

2, otherwise how to disable interrupt correctly?

there's another question when using KDS. the stack pointer is delacred in startup.c with char pointer, and declared with uint32_t in vector.c, when linked with LTO, there always a warning "warning: type of '__SP_INIT' does not match original declaration". how should i disabled or correct this warning.

PS: GCC 4.9.1 is used.

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