MK60DN256xxx10 I2C Bus doesn't work

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MK60DN256xxx10 I2C Bus doesn't work

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i am trying to set up an I²C communication with the MK60DN256VLL10.


The SDA and SCL Line remain constant at ca. 500 mV. If I send a command on I²C bus the voltages raises a little bit, but i can`t see a clock on my oscilloscope. 


I am using the example Code from the I2C_LDD component.


I am sure that the conductor tracks on the circuit board are correct. There is also no scratch or something else on the cuircuit board, that can cause the problem. I`ve checked the conductor tracks with a multimeter an they are all ok. 
There are no loosely solder joints and the pull-up resistors are the right (10kOhm).  I´ve calculate the pull-up resistor values  a second time and tried some smaller resistance, but it doesn't work. So I´ve tried to use the other I²C bus on the MK60, but i`ve got the same problem.


Does somebody has any idea, where the problem could be?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Erik,

I used KDS3.0 (updated to 3.1.0) to create new PE project for k60dn512 that is on the TWR-K60D100M Tower board.  Configured the clock to use 50MHz from the TWR-SER card, and then pulled in the CI2C1:I2C_LDD.

I configured it to use the PTD8 (SCL) and PTD9 (SDA) since the TWR-K60D100M has that I2C interface connected to I2C device and had 4.7kohm pull-ups for the open drain interface.

I used the Typical Use case from the help for the Component and added an infinite loop to repeatedly transmit clock and data to enable using oscope to look at signals.  I'm getting 0-3.3V range.

I've attached my example project for you to compare against.



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