How to send 2 or more bytes of data by using PE KEA128

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How to send 2 or more bytes of data by using PE KEA128

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Hi all,

   I'm developing some audio application with KEA128, I was able to generate a sound using analog ports mainly PWM,

for now, I moved to a digital audio application which KEA128 not so strongly supported.

I'm referring to AN944 "Emulating I2S bus on Kinetis-M" which uses SPI to generate I2S signals.

PE is my mainly developing tool which only supports for SPIBlockSend method.

My question is, How to send 2 or more bytes on KEA128 or to be specific, SPIBlockSend only send char out of sequences one by one.

And How to get continues Master clock when in master mode.

Because the default data size is 8 bits, Which are stopping me from getting continuous MCLK for I2S protocol. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



Unfortunately you can't send more than 1 byte, since the data register (SPIx_D) have a size of 1 byte,

But it is possible to send many bytes 1 at a time, this with a buffer of n-number of bytes in it,

For more information on typical usage of this relate to the Help on component on processor expert, by opening components library view, find SPIMaster_LDD right click on it and click on Help on component.


Hope this helps,


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