Register Detail Debugging with KDS

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Register Detail Debugging with KDS

Register Detail Debugging with KDS

KDS does not come with a register level detail view included, only the ARM core non-memory mapped registers are displayed in the Registers view. There is an open source Eclipse plugin which can be added to KDS which brings register level details:


For this view, install the EmbSys Eclipse plugin, and apply a patch (zip file) to get all the Freescale register detail information in SVD (XML) files.

The installation and usage of the plugin is described in:


The patch files which fix an issue in the existing plugin (see EmbSys Registers View with CMSIS-SVD dimElementGroup | MCU on Eclipse) and adds extra Freescale SVD files to the installation (see Updated Eclipse EmbSysReg Viewer with extra Freescale SVD Files | MCU on Eclipse).


The patch files are hosted on SourceForge: McuOnEclipse - Browse /Eclipse Plugins/EmbSysReg at


Happy Registering :-)

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