Kinetis Bootloader for FRDM-K64

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Kinetis Bootloader for FRDM-K64

Kinetis Bootloader for FRDM-K64

After we released the "Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network for Cortex-M4" (Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network for Cortex-M4 ), many customers want to port it to FRDM-K64 board, so here I share it.


- This bootloader is based on KDSv3.2.

-About the detail introduce and user guide, please refer to:

- There also some points when porting, please check the attachment.

- I attached the project source code. And also two user application projects.

  Customers can refer to the application and user guide to configure your application project.

- The GUI is the same with bootloader for k22, we do not change anything.




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Hi Alice,

 Thank you so much for this guide! Can you provide me with a little assistance, which I was unable to find in the documentation:

I have a USB - RS485 converter but the diagram is not so clear as to which pins are connected. I understand that my Data+ A and Data- B will connect to the UART tx/rx (PTC3 & PTC4) and that PTB20 is used but I do not understand what the additional wire (orange colour) in your documentation is. Would you kindly be able to tell me if there is any other connection required in addition to the UART tx/rx and PRTB20 interrupt?


Hello rob,

The orange colour wire just as enable boot pin, it is nothing with UART.

When board reset, if it connnect to GND, will run into bootloader;

if disconnect, it will run user application code .

There are three pins with UART, RX , TX and GND.



Hi Alice_Yang‌,

I was wondering if you could share the source code for this. I'm running into bugs with editing FRDM_k22F_cfg.h for K64F. 


Hello Uma,

I have attached the source code, you can find it from here: 



Thanks for providing the link! I was wondering if you had the source code in MDK. I haven't used KDS before and ran into issues while trying to migrate the code in MDK. Would really appreciate any suggestions!

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