MC56F8365 bootloader

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MC56F8365 bootloader

Contributor I

newbee on this chip, could anyone tell me how to generate a bootloader for it ?

Thanks a lot !!

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If you have not found this info yet there is a bootloader factory installed in the chip.  The following is info from the manual.  I use the 8367 and use the UART bootloader all the time.

4.8 Factory Programmed Memory

The Boot Flash memory block is programmed during manufacturing with a default Serial Bootloader

program. The Serial Bootloader application can be used to load a user application into the Program and

Data Flash (NOT available in the 56F8165) memories of the device. The 56F83xx SCI/CAN Bootloader

User Manual (MC56F83xxBLUM) provides detailed information on this firmware. An application note,

Production Flash Programming (AN1973), details how the Serial Bootloader program can be used to

perform production Flash programming of the on-board Flash memories, as well as other potential


Like all the Flash memory blocks the Boot Flash can be erased and programmed by the user. The Serial

Bootloader application is programmed as an aid to the end user, but is not required to be used or maintained

in the Boot Flash memory.


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