mc52233demo: help flashing

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mc52233demo: help flashing

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hello i have a mc52233demo microcontroller im trying to flash the memory and i get a connection error the codewarrior application states that PEMicroProtocolPlugin not detected.  The thing is i connected the board via usb and ethernet i can ping the device and i get the standard web page at ip- the lights are on so there is conectivity but i cant flash the memory.  I have installed code warrior 5.7, 6.2 and 6.3 and all of them have the same issue does anyone have the same problem.  Or does anyone know how to fix this issue.
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
There are a couple things you can check.  First my assumptions:
1. Using P&E USB ColdFire Multilink
2. Using example software.
Check the following:
1.  Any other versions of Codewarrior installed?
2. CFFlasher and Codewarrior not running at the same time.
3. In your project settings under Debugger-> Remote Debugging in the Connection drop down box check to make sure USB is selected.
4.  Try reinstalling the drivers for the P&E Multilink from
I hope this helps :smileyhappy:.
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