howto compile dBUG for mcf5235evb?

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howto compile dBUG for mcf5235evb?

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I would like to compile and use 'dBUG Monitor' as the bootloader for my target 'mcf5235evb'.

Can anyone help me to select a compiler to compile the bootloader?


I have a list:

Metrowerks CodeWarrior    

Wind River's Diab Compiler               

uclinux-elf (GNU Toolchain)

Green Hills  Compiler


which one, i have to select? what are the +/- for each one?



renjith  (

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If you just want to compile the dBUG boot loader, I would recommend CodeWarrior. The dBUG code usually ships with the necessary CodeWarrior project file, debugger configuration files, etc, so you wouldn't need to do any work. I'm also a bug fan of CodeWarrior's integrated development environment - I even use the CodeWarrior editor when I'm working with a different tool chain.

However, you presumably want to compile your own application at some point. If the efficiency of the compiled code is critical, I've heard that Green Hills is very good. (For almost all purposes, the code generated by CodeWarrior is adequate, but not wonderful if you need to wring every last cycle of performance out of the processor).

Gnu is fine too, and free, but I would choose CodeWarrior because of the development environment, if your budget can afford it.

I'm not familiar with the Diab compiler, perhaps someone else could comment?

Hope this helps.

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yes. this is really helpful.
thank you simon for ur reponse.
Let me know, is it easy to use GNU for the purpose?
(hope we have to write the 'makefile' & other supporting files for this compiler in dBUG source, right?)
Still we have to put effort to solve the issues, right?
I don't think we can easily afford Codewarrier? as u know it is expensive.
Green hills also...
Do u know like, whether we can use the evaluation version of any of these two?
Let me know one more thing.
Can we go for some other open source bootloader which supports mcf5235 & can be compiled with GNU?
If so, do u have any suggession?
sorry for asking too much questions!!!
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The dbug download for 5235 includes make files for Greenhills, Diab, and Codewarrior.

The debug will build in GCC.. You may just have to craft a Makefile for it.

I believe we have some makefiles for GCC around somewhere.

The free version of Codewarrior should also be able to build debug as well.

Let us know if you need more help.

We now support a boot loader called Uboot that is designed to be built with GCC.  It is very popular with other CPU archs and all the Linux guys out there.  Checkout the Denx website on Monday the 17th.  I think the next release of Uboot is scheduled for this coming monday and it will have several new ports for ColdFire products.

If you need further help, please don't hessitate to send in a customer support request on our website.

As for best compilers.

GCC has gotten a lot better.  Check out CodeSourcery's website.  I think for a small price you can also get a fully supported IDE (Eclipse based) from them.  The compiler is a free download, but the IDE (with GDB stub to P&E wiggler) is available for the small charge.

Diab is trusty and true.  It has supported ColdFire for many years.
GHS is still the industry leader in reliable compilers and generating great code.
CodeWarrior is a good IDE with everything you need in one place.


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thank you very much for the information.
I think the free version of Codewarrior has object code size restriction. (Hope the size limit is 128 kb)
I have seen in Denx website like Uboot supports coldfire processors.
Can you please tell me whether the support for MCF 5235 + gnu will be available in Uboot?
As u said, Sourcery G++ for ColdFire uClinux is a good option.
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