UART interrupt on MCF5282EVB Lite

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UART interrupt on MCF5282EVB Lite

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I have been trying to get UART0 interrupt to work for the MCF5282EVB Lite.. the problem is that the isr is never called. I have noted and implemented all the suggestions in these forums and in the 5282UM, but I still cannot get this to work....
I have, however,  been able to get the PIT0 interrupt/isr to work on the 5282.
I also have a MCF5213EVB where I was able to successfully implement the UART interrupt and I tried to use the same method that worked in the 5213... but nothing seems to work on the 5282
What I need is a functional example/source for the 5282...
Does anyone have any UART/isr code that actually works?
Thanks... have a nice day.
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 i did it long back.but now the cide is not with me.

if you send your code , i can find the bug and i can solve  it.


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