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Compatible PCI Wifi chip

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In my embedded process controller Currently we are using MCF5272 coldfire processor with USB and ethernet( features- 10/100 Mbps data rate, half duplex 100Mbps operation at system clock frequency >50Mhz). Now a days  we are supposed to introduce the new version of our product with Wifi facility. In this we planned to integrate the Freescale's Coldfire chip MCF5485, we have to interface it with Ethernet, USB2.0, Wifi. But it is possible only by using any PCI wifi chip.
I need some technical help to finding out the compatible chip with MCF5485.
Thank you,
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In the 2006 FTF I asked some tips abotu wi-fi x ColdGire V2.

At this exact mokent I´m drawing  a 5235 design, iwch must have wi-fi support.(I don´t use OS)

Considering the context I approached, I understood the following:

a) I don´t need government approvals if I use a already done wi-fi card, instead of single chipsets

b) The support from the chipsets producers are very far from the confortable, or almost no support

c) There are CF(Compact Flash) cards available, but they aren´t so popular and cheap as PCMCIA ones.

d) I can drive PCMCIA popular cards trough a CF bus, wich is a frendly task for embedded devices and very friendly to ordinary paralel buses

e) Although using CF bus to drive a PCMCIA card, it is interesting to chose devices wich have Realtek / Intersil or Conexant  chipsets.They are usually more friendly ....

f) For "simple / basics  comands" with these PCMCIA cards, I will probaly not need to rewrite the driver.It probaly will be necessary when  using more sophisticated resource from them.

g) By my researchings, several 8 bits microcontroller designs has been bult using the approach certainly it can be done with a ColdFire emgine...

h) There is  avery nice book about wi-fi for embededded devices, from Fredy Eady, wich approches a wi-fi based web server for 8 bits microcontrollers using CF bus.He is an Circuit Cellar magazine (USA) writer..He based on a 51´s core


Well, tis my undesrstanding up to now, maybe some poinbts are not so right, but it is I got..

I hope it helps you ...



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