USB P&E ColdFire Multilink with CW6.3

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USB P&E ColdFire Multilink with CW6.3

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Hi All
I wonder whether anyone has a quick answer.
I have the USB P&E ColdFire Multilink and have been using it successfully with CW6.3 for some time.
I had to reinstall CW6.3 recently and everthing seemed fine until I wanted to debug something. When I try to connect I get the message
                         "PEMicroProtocolPlugin . No USB connection found"
I have no problems flashing the board with CF Flasher 3.1, just CW6.3 has the problem.
Where should I look???
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Hi Mark,
I have exactly the same experience here. I recently downloaded what I think is the official version of CodeWarrior 6.3 for Coldfire from Freescale and since installing that version I can no longer connect to the board from within the Codewarrior environment. Luckily the CFFlasher still does work...
- Marc
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I recently have dealt with this same issue with some success. Here is how I was able to get the P&E debugger working again.

To begin with I had installed on my PC a copy of the preview version of CW6.3 that I obtained by attendeing one of the Coldfire ethernet seminars. The debugger along with the M52233DEMO board all worked fine. I didn't use the whole setup for a month or two while I was getting some hardware work done. During this time I got the e-mail saying the license on the preview copy had expired and I needed to download and install the official release of CW6.3 After downloading and installing the release version of CW6.3 I could not get the debugger to connect and got an error message:

PEMicroProtocolPlugin: No USB connection Found.

The key to getting things working again was to unintstall and reistall the P&E drivers using the utility on the P&E CD that came with the demo board. What follows is my step by step procedure.

1) From the P&E Mini CD that came with the M52233DEMO board, I selected the "Drivers" button and told it to uninstall the driver.

2) Reboot the machine

3) From the P&E mini CD this time install the driver. Strangely it told me it needed to shut down virtually everything running on my PC.

4) Reboot the machine.

5) Again from the Mini-CD run the test application from the drivers section. It will pass but mine always failed trying to update the firmware in the debug probe from version 5.36 to 5.39

6) Reboot the machine.

7) Now run the newly installed CW 6.3 release version. When you hit "debug" it finds the probe and seems to update the firmware itself. It went by pretty quick so I didn't see what version it ended up at.

I'm not sure all these steps are necessary. It looks like the key is to use the P&E install disk to uninstall and then reinstall the drivers. What I'm wondering is if this is all necessary if you are installing the release version 6.3 of CW on a machine that never had the preview version that came with the demo board.

Hope this helps. Also, thanks to Mark Butcher who helped me work this out.

Dave Lundquist
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I had the same issue and Lundquist  way work for me. My code warrior works fine now:smileyhappy:.

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