License help Please. Codewarrior 7.2.2 for Coldfire

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License help Please. Codewarrior 7.2.2 for Coldfire

Contributor I

I've removed & installed Coe warrior 7.2. Then installed 7.2.2 patch. But must have deleted my license file along the way.

I've been bringing up a new board using the Beans.


I contract Micrium to do a port of uC/OS-II to the MCF52259 with latest  uC/OS-II.


I need to get a license file, but ..

I belive I'm running the free one by default. It has a 128K limit, I believe. 

I tried to compile the project from Micrium & I get a Link Error : Size of application has exceeded the capacbility of this license.

But on the bottom of the project, is says 80 file - 41036 for Code & 8062 for data. 

My rough math says that is less than 128K! & less then 64K.

So why the error?


P.S. I'm in a mad panic to get code working,  what is the best thing to do? Who do I talk to?

Any help is appreciated.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Tim,


I'd recommend you to download and install Evaluation version of CodeWarrior:

Evaluation installer includes 30-day code size unlimited license.


You are right  the code size for Special Edition is limited to 128KB.

This issue might be caused by the license files conflict.


Is it the only CodeWarrior installed on your computer?

What is the content of system variable "LM_LICENSE_FILE"? (simply type "set LM_LICENSE_FILE" in the terminal window to get the value)



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Contributor I

That's effectively what I did.

I do have Codewarrior 7.1 from the Install of my Tower kit

I do have Codewarrior 3.2(?,hard to tell), for HCS12.

I've held off buying becuase I don't know what I need. The beans are handy for testing, but are a double edge sword for integration issues.

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