ColdFire Linker, Application Build Error

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ColdFire Linker, Application Build Error

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I am in the process of converting a product from CodeWarrior 7.2 to CodeWarrior 10.2.  It runs on MQX 3.7 and has several sub projects that support the main App project.  I imported all of the subprojects and I have fixed them so that they successfully build now. 


The main app is fighting me with one last issue.   When I try to build it as an "Application (default)", I get this for my  errors:

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Console output start

C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\gnu\bin\mingw32-make -j8 all
'Building target: App_ram_release.elf'
'Executing target #4 App_ram_release.elf'
'Invoking: ColdFire Linker'
"C:/Freescale/CW_MCU_v10.2/MCU/ColdFire_Tools/Command_Line_Tools/mwldmcf" @@"App_ram_release.args" -o "App_ram_release.elf"   
>Undefined : "__startup"

Errors caused tool to abort.
mingw32-make: *** [App_ram_release.elf] Error 1

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Console output end


Here are my coldfire linker options for an "Application":

-sym full -msgstyle parseable -proc 54450 -lavender model=ewl ,print=int ,scan=int ,io=raw -nostdlib "C:\Project_10_2\Hardware_App\HardwareApp\lcf\extram_custom.lcf" -m ___startup -L"C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\eclipse\../MCU\ColdFire_Support\ewl\lib" -application -map -map keep -srec -sreclength 252 -sreceol dos -w on


The same style error occurs if I change the entry point from   '___startup'  to   ' ___boot'


If I try to build the main app as a "Static Library" it works and reports:
'Finished building target: App_ram_release.elf'


Here are my ColdFire linker options for a "Static Library":

-sym full -msgstyle parseable -proc 54450 -lavender model=ewl ,print=int ,scan=int ,io=raw -nostdlib "C:\Project_10_2\Hardware_App\HardwareApp\lcf\extram_custom.lcf" -m ___startup -L"C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\eclipse\../MCU\ColdFire_Support\ewl\lib" -library -map -map keep -srec -sreclength 252 -sreceol dos -w on


Any ideas as to what I am missing?


Thank you,


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I am not an expert in MQX projects, but the message you are getting indicates that the function __startup is not linked to the application.

You may be missing a library file.


Please check the list of run time library files you are linking to the project.

You may want to post the question to the MQX forum if you cannot determine which file is actually missing.



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A wild stab in the dark - you don't have too many "_" in front of your _startup do you?


Quoting your post and aligning the two _startups:

>Undefined : "__startup"ustom.lcf" -m ___startup

 It's the sort of thing I'd do :smileyembarrassed:

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