Can not link MPC5566 application with uart support

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Can not link MPC5566 application with uart support

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I'm trying to add console IO to a CW app I've written for the 5566 but when I call putchar() the linker produces errors that uart support code is missing..


According to MPC5xxUG.pdf you should link to UART1_MOT_56X_Chip.a to get uart support but I couldn't find this library.. The only library I could find that seems to resolve the missing labels MSL_SUPP_UART.C.UC.a, but when I use that library I get the following message:


Link Error   : Linker command file output section '.text' has a type or input which is incompatible with
section '.text' in file 'uart_console_io.o'. Change the type or add an input for this section. Link failed.



Does anyone have any info on how to do this ?.. and or info on getting some simple source code for a polled uart driver for the 5566.. I'm also curious about example ethernet drivers for the SCC, ECC or both..



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How about a full DMA driven SCI driver that could easily be used for putchar()?  Available at and I encourage you to donate back any improvements you make.

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