Ready to use and compile your Freescale's RS08?

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Ready to use and compile your Freescale's RS08?

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Ready to use and compile your Freescale's RS08?

There have been some questions regarding the Development Studio for MCUs and RS08 tools. Hopefully this reference manual will clear up all the questions that
come along!


As a little preview of the document, I'll explain that the RS08 Build Tools Reference Manual describes the ANSI-C/C++ Compiler used for the Freescale 8-bit MCU (Microcontroller Unit) chip series. In addition, this document contains the following subjects for you, CodeWarrior user:

• Using Compiler.

It obviously describes how to run the Compiler, which consists of a Frontend, (a language-dependent) and a Backend, (a hardware-dependent), and generates object code specific to RS08. The main objective of the compiler, as you may already know, is to translate source code, such as C source code files into object code files for further processing by a linker. (All of the concepts are widely described within the manual)


• ANSI-C Library Reference.

Describes how the Compiler uses the ANSI-C library, it helps you understanding and generating a brand new Library and guides you step by step with the process of building all the tools you need to get the work done!


• Appendices.

Contains wide and variate lists of FAQs, Troubleshooting, and Technical Notes for any inconvenience presented along the way.


Follow DebuggerGuys if any concern!

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