Windows 7/10: Using USB TAP on CodeWarrior for DSC

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Windows 7/10: Using USB TAP on CodeWarrior for DSC

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Windows 7/10: Using USB TAP on CodeWarrior for DSC

Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) is populated in motor control, Power conversion, automotive and wireless charger, etc.

Digital Signal Controllers|NXP

   1. CodeWarrior Eclipse v11

Nearly all the DSC products can be supported by CodeWarrior eclipse. The latest CodeWarrior v11 can support DSC naturally on 64bit Windows 10 and windows 7 for all recommend run control interface. CodeWarrior eclipse v11 is our recommendation.

CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers-Eclipse IDE 11.0|NXP 

CodeWarrior 11.0.1 update just released in end of June, with this update, Unlimited License for all Code Size.

  1.         CodeWarrior Classic v8.3

Aside from CodeWarrior eclipse v11, we also have some customers prefer using classic CodeWarrior v8.3.  For some very old DSC product, for example DSP56F80x, it is supported by classic CodeWarrior for DSC v8.3 only.

CodeWarrior® Development Tools for 56800/E DSC|NXP 

CodeWarrior for DSC v8.3 doesn’t support 64bit Windows 10 and Windows7 naturally, because the ccs driver included in CodeWarrior v8.3 package only support old windows platform.

We will explain how to configure the USB TAP run control interface on Windows 7 and Windows 10 64-bit for those using CodeWarrior development tools based on the Classic IDE rather than the Eclipse IDE.

This workaround was tested and verified on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit  for CodeWarrior DSC V8.3.

Installation steps:

  •        Install CodeWarrior v8.3 on a Windows 7 or Windows 10 64bit system.

At the end of installation, three or four error messages appear regarding a problem installing the USB drivers. Ignore these errors.

  •        Acquire latest ccs driver from CodeWarrior eclipse.

Install CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers-Eclipse IDE 11.0|NXP  to a computer, Copy ccs folder from CodeWarrior v11 installation folder to CodeWarrior v8.3 install folder, replace original ccs folder.


  •        Uninstall CodeWarrior eclipse v11. This step is optional.


Now you can use CodeWarrior v8.3 on new windows platform.

Please NOTE: Officially CodeWarrior 8.3 was not designed for win7/10.  This doc is just a personal technical sharing.

If user meets windows compatible issue of 8.3 on win7/10. Please move to CodeWarrior 11.

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