Trouble installing CodeWarrior 11.4.0 on XUbuntu 18.04

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Trouble installing CodeWarrior 11.4.0 on XUbuntu 18.04

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I downloaded both the offline and online installers for the eval copies of CodeWarrior and attempted to install on an XUbuntu 18.04 VM running under VMware on Windows 10 x64.

I installed all the prerequisites listed in the README.txt file. When I run 
sudo ./  I get the following error:

sudo: unable to execute ./ Permission denied

The permissions for are 777 (RWX RWX RWX), so it's not a real permissions problem.

When I went to open in a text editor, I got messages about font encoding - "The document was not UTF-8 valid", (Invalid byte sequence in conversion input)

And it appears that there is a binary payload embedded in the shell script.

So then I tried sudo bash -x ./

But it fails after a while with the error ./ line 482: /....../disk1/ Permision denied

Where ...... above replaces the full path to my install location.

We have ordered a fully licensed copy of this software (with CW TAP probe), which is due here any time now. Am I going to get the same install errors when I attempt to install it instead of an eval copy?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

CodeWarrior CW4NET_v2019.01 installation scripts usually use the following folder for installation:


Check permission for this folder.

This script contains a binary part. This binary part is not UTF-8.


I have tested this CodeWarrior using Ubuntu 18 under VmWare.

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov


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