Generate burning file under CW10 for S12Z

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Generate burning file under CW10 for S12Z

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Generate burning file under CW10 for S12Z

Recently I have two customers asking me same questions – How to use S12Z Burner under CW10 for S12Z.

Unlikely CW10 for S08, S12Z build process does not use the Burner to generate S-Record file. By default, after a successfully build, S12Z build tool chain generates elf file only. The Burner panel has remained as part of the S12Z properties since the build tools configuration panels were imported from S08 build tools. Thus even users configure it, it doesn’t generate bbl file and s19/hex/bin files.


Fortunately we have workaround to integrate burner tool into CodeWarrior10 post build steps.

doc and demo code is attached.

We can also refer article from Erich.

S-Record, Intel Hex and Binary Files | MCU on Eclipse 

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