Command line option “-asm_enhance” Usage (CW for S12Z)

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Command line option “-asm_enhance” Usage (CW for S12Z)

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Command line option “-asm_enhance” Usage (CW for S12Z)

Recently we helped a customer resolve a question related with “asm_enhance”command line option usage. It’s strange there is no documentation of this knowledge in CodeWarrior help manual. After many discussions with development team, it gets clear to me. So I wrote an article on this topic for sharing.


“ -asm_enhance” option is added in ColdWarrior10 /CodeWarrior11 “compiler setting”, “General”, “Other Flags”:


"-asm_enhance" command line option can be used for two distinct aspects:

  • Enabling inline assembly data optimizations
  • Enabling stack effect computation through inline assembly code.

These two aspects were all gathered under the same option because they both are referring to enhanced inline assembly – i.e. inline assembly code that gets handled almost as C code).

Thank for the great support from Bogdan Ditu .

For more information on -asm_enhance, see attached document.

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