CodeWarrior v7.1 debugger variable window problems

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CodeWarrior v7.1 debugger variable window problems

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I am having issues modifying/viewing all variables currently in scope while running the debugger.  The debugger shows 'unknown error' for certain variables that are currently in scope.


Example function:

uint32 GetFractionalMultiplier(uint32 data)


     int32 tempFraction = 0;

     uint32 fractionalMultiplier = 1;

     uint32 orderOfMagnitude = 1;


     tempFraction = GET_FRACTIONAL_PART(data);

     orderOfMagnitude = 1;


     while (0 != tempFraction)


          tempFraction = (tempFraction / 10);

          orderOfMagnitude = (orderOfMagnitude * 10);



     fractionalMultiplier = (FLOAT_MULTIPLIER / orderOfMagnitude);


     return fractionalMultiplier;



At all points while stepping through this function, orderOfMagnitude shows `unknown error X100428X`  where X is some strange character that I don't know how to type.  The address is also blank.


If I use the View -> Registers tool while stepping through the function, I can see D2 getting set to 0x0000001 just prior to the while loop, and guess that is where the processor is setting orderOfMagnitude.  To confirm this, I set D2 to 0 after the while loop and got a divide by zero exception.  But why should I have to guess which register is being used in order to modify the value?


Debugging an MCF52211, 16K version.

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