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Project error 202049

Contributor I

Dears I have a problem with Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE version 5.2.1149

After the "MAKE" i found this error as below:

Project Error 202049 This IDE is not licensed for full functionality, so there is a limit of 32 files per target.

Could you please help me? is it possible that i need a new file license.dat because corrupted?

My license go for several years without any kind of problem, until a few days ago.

Thank you in advance

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Contributor I

Note. The PSErrorInfo object does not include all of the information you might need. For example, if you use Resource.CheckOutResources where one of the resources is already checked out, PSErrorInfo shows the reason for failure for each resource that cannot be checked out, but does not include the resource name or GUID. For a way to get more information in an ASMX-based application

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



This error means your CodeWarrior doesn't fine the correct license file or license file is expired . make sure your license is valid. If you are not sure, create a private case with your license.dat file to license team.

If your license file is correct,

Please check if the LM_LICENSE_FILE path includes the license.dat of Codewarrior, please suppress following environment variable: LM_LICENSE_FILE in the right path. The environment variable can be setting by click "start", "settings", "control panel", "system", "Advanced", "environment variable". (See attached screenshot) the LM_LICENSE_FILE should be something like: {your CW install}\license.dat


the restart CodeWarrior and try again. 

If problem persists, reinstall your CodeWarrior to another user defined path, for example, D:\CW5_2

and install your license file to install folder, make sure LM_LICENSE_FILE setting is correct.


Have a nice day,

Jun Zhang

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Contributor I

Dear Jun, 

At the moment with the local licensefile we have on the machine does not work, but previously LM_LICENSE_FILE variable points a remote server now dismissed.

So we guess the working license.dat is not the same we have now. Furthermore this installation is running on Windows XP. 

The best solution is that the newest release (Codewarrior for Microcontrollers (RS08HC(S) 08-Coldfire V1) v6. 3) is compatible with our actually one (5.2.1149) so we can install it on windows 10 enterprise(64 bit) and get a new license.dat

Can you confirm the compatibility?

Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Daniel

Officially NXP CW6.3 doesn't support win10. P&E provides patch of it

Please try if this can work for your CW6.3 on win10. If you have any query about this patch, please contact P&E who is the owner of it. 

I would suggest you test it with CW6.3 evaluation version which is free of charge. If it works on your win10, you can consider to purchase.

NXP official CW version on win10 is CW11.1.


Have a nice day

Jun Zhang


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