CW10.1 - How to determine code size?

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CW10.1 - How to determine code size?

Contributor IV

How do I tell how much flash my code is using in CW 10.1?

In CW 6.3 I could open the XMAP file but I don't see that file or anything similar in CW 10.1.

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Contributor III

Try looking at the file XXX.afx.xMAP, where XXX is your project name.  Here's a snippet from the bottom portion of the file:



# Link end time: Sun Aug 21 12:22:53 2011

# Memory map:

  v_addr   p_addr   size     name

  00000000 00000000 00000410 .vectors   vectorrom

  00000410 00000410 00000000 .cfmprotect cfmprotrom

  00000420 00000420 00011C98 .main_application rom

  1FFF0000 000120B8 000019F0 .main_application_data ram

  1FFF19F0 1FFF19F0 00002160 .main_application_bss ram

  1FFF3B50 1FFF3B50 00000000 .kernel_data ram

  2000FFF0 2000FFF0 00000000 .end_of_kernel_data end_of_kd

  2000FA00 2000FA00 00000000 .boot_stack bstack

  2000FBFF 2000FBFF 00000000 .end_of_boot_stack end_bstack

  2000FBFF 00013AA8 00000018 .romp      end_bstack


# Link start time: Sun Aug 21 12:22:52 2011

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