Setting up MC9S08AC60CFDE for model railway locomotive control

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Setting up MC9S08AC60CFDE for model railway locomotive control

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My engineer's and I have no programming experience with the MC9S08AC60CFDE MCU.  We've designed our own PCB that uses this MCU in conjunction with a Freescale MC 13202 Zigbee transceiver.  The electrical work is wrapping up now, we're moving the focus to the programming.  I have one engineer who teaches Zigbee based software techniques and applications but he's never done MCU programming before with a Freescale product.


I am just wondering is there somebody here who might be able to help us out.  We're doing it for the love right now of the hobby, we can work something out if you can lend a hand to guide us.  I have some very cool tablet PC's with integrated Zigbee wireless that we are using for a control interface.




Christopher Howard

519 618 9297



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Railflyer, no offense, but it seems like you approached your electrical design backwards.  Why spec an MCU on a board, without having any experience with said MCU?  Just an honest question.


MCUs in general aren't extremely difficult, but the learning curve for familiarizing yourself with the toolchain, the programming language, debugging, etc., is not insignificant.


There are some great threads here with the term "beginner".  There are lots of great users on this forum that can help you through your specific problems.


Good luck!

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