[INFO] Happy 1st Birthday - User Feedback kindly requested

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[INFO] Happy 1st Birthday - User Feedback kindly requested

Senior Contributor II
Dear Valued Members, (you see I start well)
Freescale Community or Forums have now been existing for 13 months.
A report was meticulously written to see what all members achieved.
This report is written in FSL Community: Happy 1st Birthday - Go
I would be very grateful if you could give your feedback on this report and the Forum in General.
Please post the feedback in FSL Community: Happy 1st Birthday -- FEEDBACK Thread - Go or to the email provided.

 Without your feedback there is little chance to know what Members like and dislike.
 Without your feedback there is little chance the Community evovles the way you wish.

 With your feedback, you will show you care
 With your feedback, you will explain what is wrong and should be improved,
 With your feedback, you will explain what is good and should be kept.

A Community is what people make it, consider Moderators and Administrators are Facilitators.
We are here to help YOU ! And I hope it shows :smileyvery-happy:
Do use the General Board to talk to Moderators and Administrators.
As long as I am moderator, I will personally kindly flag problems to Freescalers, because the status allows me to report problems/process flaws in your name within the organization.
Other Moderators are also doing the same, there are multiple examples.
Nevertheless, questions on the Forum are not bypassing the formal Service Request system. Support on/by the Community stays informal and there is no plan to change it. IMHO, that's the way a Forum is supposed to be.
Finally, let me use this Announcement to Thank you all for your participation.
Without Contributors, a Community is a ... — I don't know —  dead Forum ?!
Alban. (Too much colour in this post, does not look too serious, does it ?!)
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Contributor I
my feedback is absolutely positive:I like this forum,well maintained and very active, I often found my answers in other pepople's posts before asking a question,that's the beauty of this forum.
the only thing I found a bit troublesome is to quickly find the infomation I want,I thought you might either group/catalog them or make a strong search engine?I might be wrong or maybe I don't know how to use it?
keep going and best regard,
Harry Sun
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Senior Contributor IV
Hi Harry,
Thanks for the positive feedback. As to you other comments on the poor performance of the site's search engine you comments have been duly noted and placed with the many others into the "too hard basket". In the mean time please feel free to use Google to perform a site search while we sit on our hands and hope the problem goes away.
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