Flash programming MC9S08QG8

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Flash programming MC9S08QG8

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Dear Community
I wrote an assembler program to store data in the flash of MC9S08QG8.
It still has errors. The program allows one byte to be saved
in a program loop in BDM debug mode,
but not several bytes continuously.
The required NOPs at the end of the programming loop are also not OK.
Can you help me?
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Now I have implemented my Flash program for writing bytes and 
deleting byte blocks in assembly code.
The community helped me with this, but I don't know how to
give kudos to the answer authors.

Another interesting observation when using the Flash routine: When I test the routine with a chip that has been used for a long time,
it happens that some bytes in the deleted block are not deleted.
If I write and delete in a higher, less used program area,
this doesn't happen.
Thank you to the community

Next time I would like to ask my questions about transferring
the measured values ​​to a PC.
With best regards
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