Bootloader for HCS08

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Bootloader for HCS08

Bootloader for HCS08

Here are the latest version source codes for AN4440. And migration of MC9S08PT60.  --- GUI running on PC. IDE is Visual C# 2008 Express, can be imported to Visual C# 2010 Express.  ---  The project combined AC32 bootloader with user code. IDE is CW6.3

PT60_Bootloader 20130307  --- The project combined PT60 bootloader with user code. IDE is CW10.6.


You can get the Visual C# 2010 Express all in one ISO here:


visual-studio-express-vs may also work, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Hello Chaohui.

Thanks for the update, glad to see this is still active.  I'm actually working with an S08DZ60 and wondered if any AN4440 ports had been done to that part.  I'm trying to massage in the AC32 version of AN4440, and its been a bit difficult (mostly due to my target requirements.)  I actually have a Modbus RTU stack running on the target, so I have been trying to use a lot of that existing functionality around elements of this app note.



Can someone help me I'm trying to do a bootloader with the MC9S08PT32A and I can not please someone can help me .....

alguém pode me ajudar  estou tentando fazer um bootloader com o MC9S08PT32A  e não estou conseguindo por favor alguem pode me ajudar.....

Any new updates to this bootloader that might offer support for the DZ60?

Thanks much,


There is a different DZ60 bootloader available here: GitHub

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