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LPC1830/1857  SDRAM as heap

Question asked by Ken Su on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by soledad



I am using 1830 and 1857 with MCUXpresso IDE (I convert the LPC sample project to MCUXpresso).


Because my application use large memory size and I have external SDRAM.


I want to use SDRAM as heap, but it need to execute SDRAM initial() function in board.c with internal SRAM.


So the SDRAM can work as heap correctly.


There are some SDRAM as heap article. some is using IAR, some are using other MCU. It seems there are many method.



Could someone give guild how to make SDRAM as heap and execute the SDRAM initial() code with SRAM.

With MCUXpresso or LPCXpresso, and the MCU is LPC1830/LPC1857.


Thanks a lot