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How do I flash i.MX6 Solo X bare-metal code to onboard eMMC?

Question asked by Manuel Malagon on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Manuel Malagon

Hello, everybody.


Here is what is happening.


I'm using the code found in the i.mx6 solox for dummies thread and it compiles just fine. I was able to compile it using GNU ARM Toolchain in eclipse and it is working out of the box in the sabre board, also in the UDOO-Neo board (Introduction - UDOO Neo Docs ).


After I have compiled the code I just execute.


sudo dd if=cortex-a9.bin of=/dev /mmcblk0 bs=1k seek=1 skip=1 && sync


And the code is placed into the SD card wich, in turn, I use on the sabre board and works just fine.


Since my board is different I had to change the values found on the plat_startup.h file in all the "ASM_REG32_WR" lines from the original values to the ones we use. I have left everything else unchanged.


Since I don't have an SD card, unlike the sabre and the UDOO, on my board, but instead I have an eMMC I can't copy the A9 binary to the flash as easy as with an SD card. So I'm trying to use the manufacturing tool Linux image to try to flash the binary into the eMMC but I haven't been successful.


So my question is, could you please help me to find a way of flashing the cortex-a9.bin bare-metal code into my onboard eMMC?


I don't know if the MFG tool image is the way to do it but I can't think about anything else. Also a solution from the thread MX6 SoloX bare metal startup  does not help because that is loading the .bin file to RAM and I need to flash my onboard eMMC.


Thanks for helping!!