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How to get  Maximum Supply Currents

Question asked by ko-hey on May 1, 2016
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Hi all


As for the "Table 14. Maximum Supply Currents" in IMX6SXCEC.

It's not mentioned about how to get a value.


I found a calculation formula for i.MX6Q from following thread in i.MX community.

About max supply current in i.MX6Q.

The formula is as follow.


General equation for estimated, maximum power consumption of an IO power supply:

Imax = N x C x V x (0.5 x F)


N—Number of IO pins supplied by the power line

C—Equivalent external capacitive load

V—IO voltage

(0.5 xF)—Data change rate. Up to 0.5 of the clock rate (F)

In this equation, Imax is in Amps, C in Farads, V in Volts, and F in Hertz.



Is the formula appropriate to i.MX6SoloX ?