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can you see the ubuntu desktop when booting from lucid_1108.tar.gz ?

Question asked by Collin Shi on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Collin Shi

hello experts,


I have an imx53 smd and downloaded the lucid_1108.tar.gz from freescale website.

Then use the MFG tool to flash the uboot,uImage and,lucid_1108.tar.gz into the eMMC of imx53 smd.

As I know ,lucid_1108.tar.gz is the demo image to run ubuntu on imx53 smd.

Aafter I power on my imx53 smd, the kernel and rootfs can run successfully .

From the uart console, I can login the ubuntu with the account:lucid and passwd :lucid.

But the in LCD of mx53 smd ,I can't see the ubuntu desktop. It only shows as below:



and it seems the touch screen of mx53 smd can't work in lucid_1108.tar.gz.

There is no response no matter I click anywhere on the LCD.

How can I see the ubuntu desktop?

BTW: how can I know which touch screen driver (eGalax or P1003) is in my mx53 smd ?