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Qt5.4 Cube example ran on i.mx6 for a while and then the screen went black

Question asked by kun xiao on Apr 23, 2015
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I ported Qt5.4 to i.mx6 Duallite SABRE board with linux BSP3.0.35, and built the Cube example which drew a cube powered by opengl es2.0. I ran the program with the qt platform set to eglfs.  It did display the 3D cube and I was able to rotate it. But after a couple of minutes, the screen went black. Moreover, re-running the program still got a black screen unless I rebooted the OS. As per Qt5.4 document, opengl es2.0 programs have to run on the "eglfs" plugin platform, which uses framebuffer object to do the rendering. I'm wondering whether the aforementioned black screen issue has something to do with the framebuffer object on i.mx6.   Does anybody have any idea about this issue? Really appreciate.