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A few basic questions ...

Question asked by J Evans on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by Naoum Gitnik

Using a TW-VF65GD10 Kit with tower and SER board. Windows 7x64SP1. Have the latest ARM DS-5 installed for use with OpenSDA.


Some really basic questions that have so far eluded me include:


Debugging firmware (OpenSDA)


1. How do I check board rev. The package claims REV:A7 with DTE 1426. Board has SCH-XXXXXREVH on sticker above sderial# and 700-XXXXX REV J1 on sticker below. In both cases XXXXX are identical. This in case it relates to issue 2 below

2. OpenSDA. I've tried installing the latest release from the Quickstart package. Whilst getting the bootloader to appear is no problem I cannot get a connection in DS-5 if I flash CMSIS-DAP.S19. Thus DS-5 good for building libraries but not for running stuff ...

3. Is there any more recent firmware? Is there an OpenSDA V2 as there is for the mbed-based K64F FRDM board? Where is this stuff to be found?

4. How does  one diagnose these debugger connection errors? Any logs, any lighter-weight tests that can be carried out?


Serial port support


1. Virtual Serial Port SDA. If I flash this package then the board appears as a P&E Micro serial port but one for which I am unable to locate working drivers (even on the P&E site). Any hints as to where I might find these?

2. If I have SER board installed is there any conflict between the USB virtual serial port and the DB9 variety?

3. If I'm using the MQX BSP, which port os which? All I want is to try and get 'Hello World' out of the connection:)


One general comment. I wish Freescale would go the extrra 10 yards and bundle all of the software required to have a great out of box experience with the Vybrid kit. This is a dynamite processor with dynamite functionality at a dynamite price. Why hide it's light under bushels? I think I've spent the best part of the last 72 hours finding, downloading, installing, re-installing etc only to get nothing working with all of the recommended/bundled packages on Windows.


And don't get me started about Linux support. I've only got VMs here (both VMWare and VirtualBox) but these fail at the first hurdle as you cannot persuade either that an OpenSDA device is ready for connection to the guest OS


In the end the only way to get proof of life was to get an evaluation copy of IAR EW and use my trusty Segger JLINK (for which I was lucky enough to have that ultra rare 19 pin connector). Not really good enough.


Anyway, thanks for listening. Any answers gratefully received.