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CW 10.3 with MQX 4.0 update TAD disabled

Question asked by johnreynolds on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by johnreynolds

Hi all, I'm using CW 10.3 professional and MQX 4.0. I updated CW 10.3 with the ""  update to allow creating new MQX 4.0 projects, and built the MQX 4.0 libs with MQX_KERNEL_LOGGING =1 and my Processor Expert SSL App. When I break in the debugger, all the options under MQX  are disabled, except "Check for Errors". When I hit that , it claims there is no data available.  I had TAD working in CW 10.2 / MQX 3.8 , and I believe it was working under CW 10.3 before I installed the MQX 4.0 update. Anyone else have this problem?



John Reynolds