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i.MX6 infinite loop in uart driver(rx interrupt)

Question asked by ユーリ レリョーサ on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by markwilliams

Hi All,


Serial driver version: patched up to 4.1 (except for RS485 parts)


The error happens when the device connected to the serial module starts-up and sends a break signal.

The code endlessly loops at the code below, with USR2_RDR always on,

0xFF on the the RXD data register with no error bits.


while (readl(sport->port.membase + USR2) & USR2_RDR) {


Although 0xFF is being read on the data register, the connected device is not sending any signal

as checked from the oscilloscope.


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