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Invalid warnings in MCUXpresso Pin tool?

Question asked by Antony Pace on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by E. David Rojas

The pin tool in MCUXpresso is excellent but there are a couple of things I don't understand. One may even be a bug.


1. If I create a project using the SEMC demo for the iMXRT1020-EVK I can compile it and run it on the eval card. In the pin tool I get a warning that says: 'Peripheral SEMC is not initialised'. I can right click on the warning and add select 'Initialise SEMC peripheral'. This lets me select a component, it adds the required initialisation and the warning goes away. I love that feature! When I look at what has actually changed I see a load of defines, and comment changes - nothing that will change the actual code. All good so far. Is the warning just saying that the initialisation wasn't created by the pin tool? Do you agree that the SEMC was already actually initialised?


2. One of the pins that the SEMC peripheral initialisation configures is SEMC CSX[0]. On my board, and on the eval board, that peripheral signal is not used. When I select Initialise SEMC peripheral for my board I get a warning that the pin is not routed. Why do I get a warning for an unused signal?


So my main question is: can I safely ignore that warning or does SEMC_CSX[0] have to be routed to a pin even though it is not used on my board or the eval board?


My guess is that the warning is overzealous.


Many thanks