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S32DS creating position independent code for AN12323 problem.

Question asked by Sebastiaan Verhoek on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Alexander Fedotov

Dear NXP and community,


For our application we are trying to build a CAN bootloader and are taking inspiration from the application notes: AN12323.

An implementation of the application notes is provided and in this implementation it is mentioned that position independent code is required and that the provided .bin files were created with the IAR IDE. As a test I wanted to created my own .bin file to upload to the s32k EVB as part of the gateway application. For this test I created a green blinking led program that runs perfectly on the EVB. After selecting the option in the S32DS -fPIC see included image.

The application crashes and it seems to crash on the CLOCK_SYS_Init function. 

I have included the project as a reference. I have read more people had trouble with the -fPIC option but there seemed to be different reasons for it.

Additional information of other ways I can create binary files to use in the AN12323 application using the S32DS are welcome. If people have managed to create their own binaries to upload to the gateway program I would love to hear how they did it.


Kind regards,

Sebastiaan Verhoek