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[S32 Design Studio] S32K142 - ADC Driver Configure Error

Question asked by Anh Nguyen on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Anh Nguyen

Hello NXP experts,


I'm using S32 Design Studio to configure CPU S32K142, package 64. It is strong and convenience : )

But I would like to have 2 questions


1st Question)

in Specification it notes that ADC0 has 16 external input channels



But when I configure ADC0 with external input channel 12 it always shows the error as ADC1 has 11 input only.

I think this is tool bug, how can I pass it to generate the ADC driver code correctly ?


ADC0 error


2nd Question)

ADC1 of S32142-64 pins  has 11 external input channels only. But look at the Peripheral Pins mapping

ADC1_SE9 is not available while ADC1_SE11 is connected to pin 53. In that case from Processor Expert, if I configure ADC1 with external input channel 11, it should be OK. But it again shows the error ?

How can I solve this problem ?


ADC1 error


Kindly check

Thank you


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