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MPC5748G EVB is dead after updating linker scripts by extending user code space starting from 0x01000000 to 0x00F94000.

Question asked by jing wu on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Sohyun Jang

Target board: DEVKIT, SPC5748GMKU6;
IDE: S32DS for Power Architecture, Version: 2017.R1 Build id: 171018;
Debugger: OpenSDA;

Issue description: I changed the default generated .ld file by extending the user code space:

flash_rchw : org = 0x00F90000, len = 0x4
cpu0_reset_vec : org = 0x00F90000+0x10, len = 0x4
cpu2_reset_vec : org = 0x00F90000+0x04, len = 0x4

m_text : org = 0x00F94000, len = 1328K // My new setting
/*m_text : org = 0x01000000, len = 1024K*/ // Default setting
m_data : org = 0x40000000, len = 192K

Result: right after the changing, the compling and debuging can all work, after stop debugging and re-power the board, the program do not run any more, and I tried to debug again, the board can no longer be connected, and S32DS always poped up:
1. The target may have entered reset escalation. Please power cycle the board.
2. Warning: Device is not detected or may be censored. Please check connections or please enter password in GDB server parameters within debug configurations using the flag -uncensorpassword=n, then restart the debug session.

For more details, pls. check the attached screenshot and .ld file.


Hope for response soon, appreciate.



@Martin Kovar, Hi, just compared with your answer, the flash space starting from 0x00F94000 is applicable, right?

Jiri Kral Hi, I saw your answer Unable to start debug session on MPC5748G board. download stops at 98%   but unfortunately PROGPPCNEXUS seem not downable unless pay for it. Any other solutions?