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Issue in code warrior for connecting to target using CWTAP

Question asked by VARADA PAVANI on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Yiping Wang



I am  working on LS2088ARDB Board. I have to flash images using codewarrior TAP. I have downloaded  CodeWarrior Networked Applications Linux Hosted-Offline v2017.03.tar CW IDE. 

Using USB i connected to target through CWTAP. Latest CWTAP iam using where it is having ethernet, usb and all.

while using the gdb iam getting errors like follows.

(gdb) source ../../gdb_extensions/flash/
Starting flash programmer services...
Starting local server...
Successfully started gdb server
Set gdb remote timeout to 7200
Connecting to target...
Using LS2085A SoC
Using CWTAP connected to local usb port
Using jtag speed 16000
Connecting to probe...
ccs:Network timeout
CCS: server network timeout.
connection failed
Target connection failed. Please re-check the settings.

Processor: LS2085A
Probe: CodeWarrior TAP
Additional error details:
[CCS: server network timeout]

Closing debugger server...
Error: fail to start flash programming services


So i read in usb driver folder where they mentioned like udev rules of host pc i should change. I modified accordingly but still iam facing the issue. Do i need to change any configuration??? Can anyone help in this?