How to post in the MQX section and get an answer!

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Have you posted a question and it has been unanswered? It could be because of couple of reasons. I would like to highlight few of them. Because posts like "it does not work" have a real chance to be ignored. More you share, easier for others to reproduce it.



Before you even start creating your own post, use search functionality here in the community. Lot of questions have been answered already, do not please duplicate posts.




Available documentation is located inside MQX installation folder: <MQX_INSTALL_DIR>\doc. There are two most important documents: MQX User Guide and MQX Reference Manual. You might find your answer there.




It should contain:


1. product version (MQX version)

2. platform (MCU)

3. compiler (IDE)

4. target (release/debug and flash/ram)

5. detailed description

6. code snippet (if not the exact code, at least literally what it does and where it fails)


The best is to post a code or at least a snippet of what fails. Try to minimize the software, create a small application which you can share to prove it is not functional properly. The code most of the time help us to reproduce a problem and make it fail in the same way. Otherwise we can only guess what it could be which makes entire process harder and longer.


Please use C++ highlight (available in Advanced editor, last symbol (>>) ). It makes code easier to read with visual splitting a code from a text.


/* code example (C++ higlight) */
int main(void)
  return 1;


If you tackle with any problem, please specify what you have done so far, read or tried anyhow. State what you expected to happen. Write down an error which has occur, if any. Does current version of MQX break the code which has been running on previous release? Diff files to find out differences.


Does documentation not provide enough details? Does the code look obfuscated? Let us know!




We would like to hear your feedback! Share a result with us. Helps us to improve user experience!

If you get an answer which has helped you, please reply and share the outcome, how did you solve it. Any user can encounter similar or even the same problem. Be part of the community.





I'll post here some references which are valuable to the topic and I suggest everybody read them.