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The KIT-HGDRONEK66 kit provides the mechanical and other components needed to evaluate the RDDRONE-FMUK66 and adds BLDC motor control capabilities and a mechanical platform, which it can be mounted on. This developer kit may be used as part of, and contains the components needed for the HoverGames coding challenges. It should be noted that this is a professional developer kit, not a complete functional system and includes no software. The flight management unit (FMU) is supported by the business-friendly open source flight stack. In addition, a separate suitable hobby-type LiPo battery and country-specific telemetry radio will be required.

When assembled the frame has appropriate additional space in order to mount other components such as an adapter for Rapid IoT, NXP Freedom boards, or a companion computer such as i.MX 8M Mini to be used as a vision processor running Linux and ROS. The HoverGames drone and rover development platform is very flexible, fully open for development of robotics, control algorithms, security networking and communications protocols, and can include another add-on component, companion computer, software, or associated solutions.