i.mx6 eFUSE Burning

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In our document there is about how to fuse in the u-boot, as follows you can see:

Here we can use the mfgtool and these command to download the fuse to u-boot.

1/ Set the BOOT_MODE[1:0] to 00

2/Use the mfgtool to download the u-boot to RAM

Use the mfgtool to download only the u-boot, so you have to annotate the code not about u-boot. Only u-boot download code left. As follows:


 Loading uboot.
 Jumping to OS image.

3/When the u-boot boot up, print and go to the u-boot command line.

U-Boot contains a tool, imxotp, which is used for fusing. The commands imxotp read addr and imxotp blow --force addr value read the data of Efuse.

The addr is the register address of eFUSE, and the base address of eFUSE is 0x021BC0000, details you can refer to the section 46 of the iMX6DQRM.pdf p4016. And the The exact configuration please refer to the section 5 of the iMX6DQRM.pdf p315.

Take the Sabrelite as an example the value of burning :

imxotp blow --force 0x5 0x18000030
imxotp blow --force 0x6 0x10


Hope this can do some hope for you.

About the efuse you also can refer to :

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