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FEZ is an open source development platform for beginners. Powered by an ARM processor (LPC2388) and driven by Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework, FEZ is a doorway to the embedded world.


From the ground up, we designed FEZ to be extremely easy to learn. From the boards to the brochures, we made sure to explain everything on your journey. Programming is made easy by using Microsoft's Visual Studio and C#. Enabling those unfamiliar with the embedded world to program without having any prior knowledge. To further assist exploration, we've created an eBook providing extensive details and code examples. Not only is this eBook free, the SDK and IDE are also completely free. This overall low-cost starting point opens the opportunity to learn embedded devices to everyone.


Key Features

  • Based on Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework
  • Runs on 72MHz NXP ARM processors (LPC2387 and LPC2388)
  • Supports runtime debugging (breakpoints, variable inspection, stepping, etc.)
  • Use Visual Studio 2008 C# Express Edition for development
  • Advanced capabilities like FAT, USB device, and USB host
  • Easily upgrades to hardware such as Embedded Master
  • Open source hardware design files
  • Use existing shields and holder boards
  • Based on the USBizi chipset (ideal for commercial use)
  • FEZ Mini pin-out compatible with BS2
  • FEZ Domino pin-out compatible with Arduino


Developent Environment

FEZ development is done using Visual Studio 2008 C# Express Edition. You're now able to use the same powerful IDE used by PC developers. The benefits of managed C# programming include reducing programming errors significantly and automatically managing system resources. From the code IntelliSense and included peripheral libraries to deploying and debugging applications. These tools are not only the most advanced, they are all free.

As you type, IntelliSense gives you the appropriate methods and properties.

Stepping through the code on-device allows you to debug problems efficiently.




FEZ comes in two models: FEZ Domino and FEZ Mini. Both include libraries that contain the FAT file system, threading, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC, DAC, and many more. Two kits are also available: the starter kit and the robot kit. We also offer a multitude of peripherals for these boards such as Bluetooth, LEDs, buttons, light sensors, and thermometers, to name a few.

  • FEZ Domino
  • FEZ Mini


Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework is a lightweight implementation of the .NET Framework. It focuses on the specific requirements of resource-constrained embedded systems. Supporting development in C# and debugging on an emulator or the device, both using Visual Studio. The .NET Micro Framework is also open source, released under the Apache 2.0 license and completely free.

Developers already experienced with .NET and Visual Studio can take advantage of their skills immediately, reducing the learning curve. The actual C# application development process is completely shielded from the low-level design details of the hardware platform. Combining the benefits with off-the-shelf, low-cost, network-enabled embedded systems creates a rapid product development solution.


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