DwF Ottawa - 2015-11-03

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Design, Software and Services

Hands-On: Avnet: Yocto Linux Fundamentals Using i.MX 6SoloX Applications Processors

Hands-On: Getting Started with Kinetis Design Studio IDE - Basic

Open Data Plane and QorIQ: Acceleration for Power Architecture and ARM-based Processors

QorIQ Performance Analysis Using the QorIQ Optimization Suite (QOS) Scenarios and Packet Analysis Tools

Hands-On: Debug Linux Kernel and Linux Application Problems

Hands-On: Optimizing Your Kinetis SDK Application with FreeRTOS

Power Distribution Made Easy

Introducing UEFI Bootloader for QorIQ LS Series Processors

Archronix: i.MX 6 Series Landscape Comparisons Using SOM, WaRP Board and Single Chip System Module (SCM6D) Configurations

Effective Printed Circuit Board Design: Techniques to Improve Performance

Hands-On: Getting Started with Kinetis SDK - Basic

Hands-On: Getting Started with Kinetis SDK - Basic


Insight and Innovation

Monetizing Sensor Data: Uncovering Valuable Information from Raw Sensor Data

Introducing i.MX 7 Series Applications Processors

Introduction to the Sensor Portfolio--Sensors 101


Smart Home and Buildings

Hands-On: VoIP and Wi-Fi Connectivity for Kinetis MCUs


Smart Networks

Removing Complexities Out of DDR4 Transition

Next-Generation Kinetis MCUs Running BLE Software and Application Fundamentals

Introduction to QorIQ LS1021A Tower Board and Configuration

Introduction to the New QorIQ Configuration and Virtualization Suite  (QCVS) SerDes Tool for the QorIQ Processor Family

QorIQ Security: Trust Architecture 101: Hardware and Firmware Considerations

Power Reduction for Multicore QorIQ and Layerscape SOCs

Avnet: Implementing IoT Security Using the LS1021A-IOT Gateway