P1024/P1015 Ethernet Specific FAQs

Document created by Omar Cruz Employee on Aug 6, 2012
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How can I ensure that Ethernet flow control is turned on through the register setting in P1015?

Please try the below steps to enable Ethernet flow control: 1) Set MACCFG1[Rx_Flow] && MACCFG1[Tx_Flow] to 1 2) Set RCTRL[LFC] to 1. Setting the flow control bits Rx_Flow and Tx_Flow means that the MAC can detect and act on PAUSE flow control frames, receive and transmit respectively. There are two ways you can confirm or see them in action: 1) Software sending a PAUSE frame through TCTRL[TFC_PAUSE] 2) Changing some hidden FIFO threshold registers, such that the FIFO is about to overflow and that triggers eTSEC logic to send a PAUSE.